1. #283: Colored Intestines Leaking Out Onto the Porcelain

  2. #282: Laughing and Dancing in the Sunlight As Though There Was No Such Thing in Nature As the Night

  3. #281: The Martial Arts Champion Probably Would Have Gotten Drunk and Jump-Kicked a Deer

  4. #280: Race Downtown With Soap and Paint Thinner Instead of Freeing the Eagle

  5. #279: Licorice Tobacco and a Seductive Fae With an Agenda

  6. #278: Four Columns of Filth and a Hurricane of Black Pigeons That Putter in the Putrid Waters

  7. #277: Tiny Corkscrew-Shaped Things Wiggling Around in Slimy Pools and Wondering Whether Evolution Was Worth All the Bother of Growing Fins and Legs and Things

  8. #276: Laughing Out Loud at Roadrunner Cartoons and Complaining About French-Canadian Drivers

  9. #275: It Seemed Like the Sun Never Shone on the Firing Range

  10. #274: Great Opportunities for Progression After Leaving the Flesh

  11. #273: Derision! There Was Still the Plunge Into the Well

  12. #272: From Those Distant Abstract Spaces He Seemed to Be Looking Impersonally Down Upon His Own Body

  13. #271: The Flies Would Drink His Blood As Though it Were Red Honey

  14. #270: Every Frightful Convulsion Had Become No More Than a Ripple

  15. #269: Moon Poison Burns in Our Veins Like an Incurable Disease

  16. #268: Every Gallery Should Be Bulldozed and the Artists Should All Be Given Thirty Years Hard Labour

  17. #267: Idiots, Specters, Penny-Pinchers, Mad Dogs, Braggarts, High-Flown Words, Piss From Above the Clouds

  18. #266: Morphine, Atromol, Narcopon, Philipon, Pantopon, Pabinal, Panopin, Atropin

  19. #265: They Did Not Move But Lay Like Fallen Marble Statues of Lovers

  20. #264: I Cannot Recall That Face I Looked for Everywhere Throughout My Adult Life

  21. #263: I Would Never Trade Your Broken Eyes or Your Pallor for the Beauty of All the Angels in Heaven

  22. #262: Looking for the Crypt or the Granary in Which the Forgotten Parchment Must Lie

  23. #261: The Earth Has the Odor of Mushrooms

  24. #260: Chance People on the Bridges to the Isle of Dogs Look Into a Nether Sky of Fog

  25. #259: This Strange Island of Bitter Wind and Blighted Blueberries

  26. #258: Cankerous Little Bloodshot Rooster Pecking Away at the Dawn in the Empty Yard of Some Dead Fisherman

  27. #257: With the Marvelous Dry Morality of Calico and Beans and Lard

  28. #256: Great Brown Dripping Box of the Lutheran Church Bereft of Sour Souls

  29. #255: Enormous Black Sky Streaked With Fistfuls of Congealed Fat

  30. #254: Nothing But the Wind and the Shore and a Set of Black Oilskins

  31. #253: Tiny Old Fusty Fireplaces Packed With the Rank Odor of Urine and White Ash

  32. #252: Even the Most Blasphemous (They Are Smiling)

  33. #251: No Different Than the Way Worms Come From a Corpse

  34. #250: Reach for a Cop's Gun

  35. #249: Combine the Austerity of Bruised Pink Rock Formations and Bitingly Dry Desert Air

  36. #248: And Let the Misty Mountain​-​Winds Be Free, Vol. 2

  37. #247: Not in the Shape of a Domestic Animal or a Wild Beast or Even a Human Being

  38. #246: In the Steamy Sensual River-Cave of My Mind

  39. 尿

  40. #245: Never Was Gaunt Werewolf So Cruel, Never Hawk So Crazed for Blood

  41. #244: Eat Meat By the Quarter-Animal and Wine By the Hogshead

  42. #243: Peasants Had Rooted Out the Weeds and Planted Fields of White Poppies

  43. #242: And What He Held Most Real Was But a Figment of the Dæmon of Distraught Mankind

  44. #241: In the Meantime the Morphine Had its Customary Effect (That of Enduing All the External World With an Intensity of Interest)

  45. #240: Poke the Entrails of the Grunterranean Fire and Mutter Smoothing Pragnostications

  46. #239: Distinguished By the Most Frank Attentions on the Part of His Honest Landlord

  47. #238: Beside Him a Great Ill-Favoured Jackanape

  48. #237: And Let the Misty Mountain-Winds Be Free

  49. #236: No Vendor in the Black Hovel Beyond the Bulb

  50. #235: Adhesive Plaster, Leeches, Taffy, Wet Socks, Rubber Girdles, Chewing Gum and Tapioca Pudding

  51. #234: Photographed Like Two Sardonic White Ovals

  52. #233: A Slice of Pickle Which Was Not Flyspecked But Looked It

  53. #232: Nothing Like a Good Hot Bath to Make One Feel Like a Parasite

  54. #231: Glass Crashing in Sudden Showers When a Brick Was Hurled From the Street Below

  55. #230: There Was Something Pleasant and Brazen in the Twinkle

  56. #229: I Had Never Cared for Her and Would Have Hidden Myself If I'd Seen Her Coming

  57. #228: A Glass of Ginger Pop Won't Do You Any Harm

  58. #227: There Was a Pungent Smell of Moldering Leather and Old Wood and Stale Tobacco Smoke

  59. #226: Headlines Had the Same Disturbing Quality As His Personal Thoughts

  60. #225: I Love You Dad and I'm Glad You're in My Life

  61. #224: Materialism Could Not Free Me From My Dread of Human Beings

  62. #223: 3D Print Your Own Funeral

  63. #222: People Come With Nets to Fish for Potatoes in the River

  64. #221: Johnny Nogood (No Relation)

  65. #220: On Silent Haunches and Then Moves On

  66. #219: It Sits Looking Over Harbor and City

  67. #218: The Fog Comes on Little Cat Feet

  68. #217: And Still Where Many a Garden Flower Grows Wild

  69. #216: Usurp the Land and Dispossess the Swain

  70. #215: The Hawthorn Bush With Seats Beneath the Shade

  71. #214: My Fire is More Than Can Be Made With Forests

  72. #213: Vouchsafe Your Silent Ears to Plaining Music

  73. #212: Turning to Deserts Our Best Pastured Mountains

  74. #211: As Thick As Honeycomb/More Stinging Than Bees That Made 'Em

  75. #210: A Most Scurvy Monster

  76. #209: Moss-Like Lichen or Something Similar Growing on the Side of the Steps

  77. #208: Everything That Was Supernatural Came Out of the Nile

  78. #207: Those Sickly-Sweet Papayas That Taste Like Pissy Pears

  79. #206: We Have Your Bloody Hatchets and Your Hiroshimas

  80. #205: We Have Your Babylons and Your Pompeiis, Your Caesar and Your Chromium-Plated Artifacts

  81. #204: We Have Your Eoliths and Your Mesoliths and Your Neoliths

  82. #203: We Are Your Singing Garbage Men

  83. #202: We Are the Centuries

  84. #201: Behind the Verdant Stage Wires of Her Theatrical Jungle

  85. #200: Three Cheers for Heroin!

  86. #199: Notwithstanding the Illusion By Which We Want to Be Duped

  87. #198: She Never Does Anything Mean to Little Dogs in the Lobby

  88. #197: As is a Landscape to a Blind Man's Eye

  89. #196: Lose Your Way Groping Among the Shadows of the Past

  90. #195: I Don't Mind Being Bone and Feathers

  91. #194: Two Lanterns Swinging From the Stanchions Diffuse a Sudued Illumination

  92. #193: Kneeling Thus on the Flagstone to Kindle the Fire

  93. #192: Out of the Fog Rose a Tremendous Swelling Cry From Thousands of Throats

  94. #191: Its Fragrance Which Met Him Like an Answering Caress

  95. #190: Under the Large Lump of Material and Old Adhesive Tape in the Corner

  96. #189: Photographing a Lovely Mountaintop Locale for a Liquor-Store Calendar

  97. #188: Nobody Understands the Reason for These Indigent Sweepers Being Here

  98. #187: As Much a Danger As If Flowers Began to Flourish From Roadside Lumps of Debris

  99. #186: Leaving the Mad Old Man There Beneath All the Fluorescent Tubes

  100. #185: Between the Summerlit Trees in the Park, Watching Out for the Rapists

  101. #184: In Our Oblivion We Will Avoid the Watchful Eyes of Stupid, Evil Peasants

  102. #183: Illumination is Diffused Throughout the Off-White Haze (Part 3)

  103. #182: Illumination is Diffused Throughout the Off-White Haze (Part 2)

  104. #181: Illumination is Diffused Throughout the Off-White Haze (Part 1)

  105. #180: Just in Time I Remembered That I'd Killed a Man

  106. #179: Twitching His Long Bald Head at the Empty Doorway

  107. #178: Same Time Next Year I Guess

  108. #177: Some Tigers Stand Upright and Have Got Mustaches and They is Good at Gambling

  109. #176: Tailgating My Daughter With Aspirations of Deflowering Her Rose

  110. #175: Well He'd Keep Pestering Me, and Then I Guess He'd Die, Therefore a Small Victory on My Part

  111. #174: It Smells Like a Bag of Dead Cats

  112. #173: Oh My Dearest Good-Fellow, You've Made This Old Tin Soldier Rather Happy

  113. #172: I Seem to Remember Being Unable to Do Anything at All But Think

  114. #171: Living on Candy Bars and Watching the Pigeons in a Back Alley With a French Name

  115. #170: All I Can Think of is Streetcars and Buzzflies, Flies Sticking Their Feet in People's Food

  116. #169: The Way the Night Hung Undisturbed With People Walking on it Like Some Quiet Rug

  117. #168: Against Your Breast and the Sweet Wild Rocks

  118. #167: When the Guard Walked Up and Pulled Out His Cannon

  119. #166: This is Where the Stricken Bagpipes Blow

  120. #165: In the Chalky Smoke, Thinking of Those Ten Damned Lions

  121. #164: Ah! How Shameless, the Way These Mortals Blame the Gods

  122. #163: But Be Left His Harp of Magic, Left His Songs and Wisdom-Sayings

  123. #162: There His Bark Be Firmly Anchored, Rested in His Boat of Copper

  124. #161: In My Dreams, People Ask Me for Cigarettes and Change

  125. #160: Writhing in Groves Where Flowers Have Fallen Into

  126. #159: There Are False Muses Bending Before You in Fits of Laughter

  127. #158: Werd on the Boa Home Slikkity Slizzice in da Heezie Weezie

  128. #157: A Great Moralist is, Among Other Things, Necessarily a Great Actor

  129. #156: Copper-Jacketed Slug Recovered From the Bathroom's Cardboard Cylinder

  130. #155: The Nuclear Explosion Precipitates a Vatican Decision

  131. #154: Receive the Supplication of a Dead Man's Hand

  132. #153: For Thee the Bitterness of Death is Past

  133. #152: Let the Smoke Teach You As Much As You Can Learn

  134. #151: Give No Quarter, Nor Waste Arguments

  135. #150: Happiness Lies Within One's Self and the Way to Dig it Out is Cocaine

  136. #149: When the High-Minded Chatter Rushed on As Though She Was Not There

  137. #148: Six Times Had the Darkness Closed Over a Wild and Terrific Scene

  138. #147: Lulled Into Complacency By the Glitter of Our Own Achievements

  139. #146: We Are All Drifting Reefwards Now

  140. #145: They Are All People Who Are in Trouble About Something

  141. #144: Among My Perishing Fellow-Creatures

  142. #143: So Fantastically Clouded By Smoke and Dust

  143. #142: Providing the Drug of Religious Hope to Timorous Folk Frightened of Hell-Fire

  144. #141: What is But a Simple Myth?

  145. #140: Would He Make Arrangements for the Continuing of His Mother's Grave

  146. #139: In a Deep Hideous Purring Have Their Life

  147. #138: Like Beasts of Prey, Who, Caged Within Their Bars

  148. #137: It is the Restless Panting of Their Being

  149. #136: The Eager Spirit Has Darted From My Hold

  150. #135: The Smallest Portions of This Edifice

  151. #134: A Disembodied Soul, Thou Hast By Right

  152. #133: All Has Been Darkness Since I Left the Earth

  153. #132: To Rear and Train, By Sorrow and Pain

  154. #131: This Chill at Heart, This Dampness on My Brow

  155. #130: Not By the Token of This Faltering Breath

  156. #129: A Perilous Gift for a Man Who is Seeking Fine Hazards

  157. #128: Remember That All Men Are Strange

  158. #127: Whether it is the Wind That Bends the Blade of Grass or the Blade of Grass That Bends the Wind

  159. #126: To Sing Well By Note, With Ease, and in Beautiful Style

  160. #125: Breaking Into the Houses of Those That Refused Their Baptism

  161. #124: I Should Have Thought it a Circle

  162. #123: Has the Swallow Come, the Harbringer of Spring?

  163. #122: It Has Been My Unfortunate Experience That You Can't Rely on Divine Intervention

  164. #121: Drink All Your Passion and Be a Disgrace

  165. #120: When You're Dead You Might Still Go on Hurting

  166. #119: I Decided, Very Early on, Just to Accept Life Unconditionally. I Never Expected it to Do Anything Special for Me, Yet I Seemed to Accomplish Far More Than I Had Ever Hoped

  167. #118: Until I Started Leaning Toward the Sunlight

  168. #117: Sometimes All the Freedom One Ever Has

  169. #116: Salt in the Bible

  170. #115: A Body, a Silent Companion, Exacting and Eternal

  171. #114: As Thorns Sunk Into the Hand (Part 3)

  172. #113: As Thorns Sunk Into the Hand (Part 2)

  173. #112: As Thorns Sunk Into the Hand (Part 1)

  174. #111: Their Hope Will Become a Dying Gasp

  175. #110: Be a Lightning Rod Than a Seismograph

  176. #109: Lend Me a Pale Whisper

  177. #108: Dirt Pavements and Poverty

  178. #107: Lived Rough By My Wits

  179. #106: One May Receive the Things Done in the Body

  180. #105: A Flammable Nitrate the Cameraman Gathers

  181. #104: Behold, a Satan!

  182. #103: Live Forever or Die in the Attempt

  183. #102: Intro/Outro

  184. #101: Sacred Cows

  185. #100: Of Course You Know That God Created the Earth Only Six Thousand Years Ago

  186. #099: ἌΓΓΕΛΟΣ ΠΟΝΟΚΈΦΑΛΟΙ: Learn How to Float

  187. #098: Can't You See it's Foggy Outside?

  188. #097: Teen Cats in Outer Space

  189. #096: Don't Worry, it's Just Sardonicism

  190. #095: Like Chinese Water Torture

  191. #094: When the Child Dies

  192. #093: Love in Time of Overdose

  193. #092: It's Just Over the Path

  194. #091: Good Lime

  195. #090: A Smothering

  196. #089: Resurrection of the Salamander

  197. #088: I'm a Loser Baby (So Why Don't You Kill Me?)

  198. #087: Dive Deeper, Ever Deeper, Into the Abyss of Mind

  199. #086: I Swear There's a Ladder Outside the Window (No it's Not Just a Reflection)

  200. #085: I Wrote Holden Caulfield

  201. #084: Outside of This Ark All is Deluge

  202. #083: Martyrs Go Hand in Hand Into the Arena

  203. #082: Defcon

  204. #081: You Carved Cameos Upon the Sea

  205. #080: In Which the Skyline Fades to the Metro Lights

  206. #079: There's No Life at All

  207. #078: Sailors on the Spaceship Earth

  208. #077: The Black Feathered Birds That Soared Straight From the Depths of Hell

  209. #076: Arresting the Human Intelligence

  210. #075: To Light the Way for Others

  211. #074: He Who Eats Pears

  212. #073: The Dark Side of the Clouds

  213. #072: Of Thunder and Lightning, of Rain and Wind, of the Galaxies

  214. #071: Let Not Light See My Black and Deep Desires

  215. #070: Certain Shades of Limelight

  216. #069: Narcissus Knows No One Naked (Part 9)

  217. #068: Narcissus Knows No One Naked (Part 8)

  218. #067: Narcissus Knows No One Naked (Part 7)

  219. #066: Narcissus Knows No One Naked (Part 6)

  220. #065: Narcissus Knows No One Naked (Part 5)

  221. #064: Narcissus Knows No One Naked (Part 4)

  222. #063: Narcissus Knows No One Naked (Part 3)

  223. #062: Narcissus Knows No One Naked (Part 2)

  224. #061: Narcissus Knows No One Naked (Part 1)

  225. #060: I'd Pretend I Was One of Those Deaf-Mutes

  226. #059: Fire Walk With Me

  227. #058: Where Fear Is

  228. #057: Evil is a Sacred Duty

  229. #056: Studies in Doom and Gloom

  230. #055: You Don't Even Know Your Own Name

  231. #054: As, Pent in an Aquarium, the Troutlet Swims

  232. #053: Under Capitalism, Under Communism

  233. #052: There Will Never Be a Requiem for a Dream

  234. #051: Sing to the One Who Rides Across the Ancient Heavens

  235. #050: Grass Labyrinth

  236. #049: The Incident

  237. #048: A Tale of Sorrow and Sadness

  238. #047: Assault! Jack the Ripper

  239. #046: Karayuki-San, the Making of a Prostitute

  240. #045: Wife to Be Sacrificed

  241. #044: Battles Without Honor and Humanity

  242. #043: Under the Flag of the Rising Sun

  243. #042: Sympathy for the Underdog

  244. #041: The Scandalous Adventures of Buraikan

  245. #040: Death of the Salamander

  246. #039: Try Breathing Through Crushed Lungs

  247. #038: Blood Spatters Will Paint Your Walls Red

  248. #037: Viscera Will Be All That's Left

  249. #036: Nothing Will Stop My Rampage

  250. #035: Veins Will Be Ripped Through Your Bare Skin

  251. #034: Carvings Will Cover Your Entire Person

  252. #033: Poison Will Be Your New Blood

  253. #032: I'll Heal You With Death

  254. #031: I'll Make Your Children Suffer for What You Did to Me

  255. #030: I'll Make My Blade the Last Thing You Ever See

  256. #029: I'll Set Fire to Your Home and Watch You Crawl Out, Ablaze

  257. #028: I'll Take Your Bones and Carve Them Into Weapons to Kill Your Family

  258. #027: I'll Slit Your Wrist and Drink It

  259. #026.13: Body 13/AcidTrasH

  260. #026.12: Body 13/Shore Tea

  261. #026.11: Body 13/qwzczcciizxc

  262. #026.10: Body 13/Master Taurus

  263. #026.09: Body 13/Bedawang

  264. #026.08: Body 13/Abre Ojos

  265. #026.07: Body 13/Metek

  266. #026.06: Body 13/Happiness and Something Psychotic

  267. #026.05: Body 13/Echoes Throughout the Caverns of Leytonstone

  268. #026.04: Body 13/Kostoglotov

  269. #026.03: Body 13/Phantasm Nocturnes

  270. #026.02: Body 13/Onewayness

  271. #026.01: Body 13/♏◍ɲⓄ ㄚ∑ㄅ ∆ῳ▲ℾξ

  272. #025: The Comedy of Repetition

  273. #024: Only Those With No Memory Insist on Their Originality

  274. #023: Now to the Main the Burning Sun Descends

  275. #022: Away From Me, Sirens!

  276. #021: The Cure for Boredom is Curiosity

  277. #020: Glazed Ham, Vol. 2

  278. #019: Aadhi Haqeeqat, Aadha Fasana

  279. #018: Those Who Dream By Day Are Cognizant of Many Things

  280. #017: So Drips the Lukewarm Water

  281. #016: There is an Alchemy in Sorrow

  282. #015: Anyone Bored These Days Is Not Paying Attention

  283. #014: The Skeleton King is Too Spook for Me!

  284. #013: Obtaining Homochirality Through Stochastic Processes

  285. #012: A Close Encounter With Satan's Asshole

  286. #011: She Burned Down Eelderwolde

  287. #010: Each Had Four Faces

  288. #009: Sequoias of a Former Generation

  289. #008: The Endeavour to Garrotte

  290. #007: And I Will Kill Her Children With Death

  291. #006: The Damaging Effect Electricity Has on Wood

  292. #005: Zaraϑuštra (Or; Song for Zarathus)

  293. #004: A Quaint Night

  294. #003: Glazed Ham, Vol. 1

  295. #002: Hello Bottle, My Old Friend (I've Come to Drink From You Again)

  296. #001: 404

  297. #000: Body 13


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